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Battle it out on your own for all the glory.


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Team Game

Join together with others to conquer your opponents.


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Host your next birthday or event at Dimension XR.



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Genre: Competitive Shooter
Game Length: (Venue’s Choice, you can make your rounds 6 or 60 minutes)
Players: 2-4 Players
Ages: 7+

Battle your friends in the ultimate competitive VR shooter, suitable for group sizes of 2-4.

Get ready to face off against your friends and family in RE:COIL – the ultimate competitive VR shooter.

Suitable for groups of 2 or more players from ages 7 and up, RE:COIL is built for everyone from casual players to hardcore esport fans. Battle across a diverse set of arenas in this energetic shooter, landing skillful bounce shots and deflecting incoming projectiles with your energy shield.

Holographic Science Exhibit

experience virtual reality
experience virtual reality
experience virtual reality

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Rob Swan
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"Had an amazing time. Super fun!! My 8 year old loved it. The staff was friendly and helpful and even joined us in some games. I highly recommend trying this!"
B Thornton
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Phenomenal new take on the classic laser tag experience, absolutely worth the visit!
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"Wow what a great and amazing experience! This is the future and the best laser tag game ever! Can't wait to do it again and again ! The staff was so nice and explained everything and Was so helpful!"
Cayla Dhal
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Very cool experience here at Dimension XR. The maps are are awesome and the equipment utilized in the game is top notch. Love that you fit a couple games in one session and the staff is very helpful! We will be coming back for sure!