Dimension XR’s Flagship Virtual Gaming Arena

When experiencing entertainment titles at Dimension XR, all the action happens in our expansive virtual gaming room. At over 1,600 square feet, the spacious arena supports large groups of people freely roaming our virtual worlds. Using high-precision tracking technology, players in our VR game room can traverse freely without worrying about collisions or obstacles. With various safety and redundancy technologies in place, our virtual gaming room gives you the peace of mind to focus on experience and forget about the tech. You’ll truly be immersed in a new dimension, forgetting you’re in Seattle. If you’re asking “where can I find a virtual reality game center near me,” come check out Dimension XR.

Hosting Events and Parties and Dimension XR

Amaze your next group or party by bringing them to a mind-blowing experience at Dimension XR. Whether you’re planning VR parties for birthdays, or booking a VR room for a private event, Dimension XR is here to help you plan the perfect virtual reality event. We offer a range of packages for birthday parties, corporate events, private bookings and more. Head over to our booking page or call us to book your VR event today.

VR Laser Tag at Dimension XR

Dimension XR offers industry-leading Virtual Reality laser tag titles such as LimitlessVR and RE:COIL for action-packed, competitive VR laser tag play. Once you gear up in our large virtual gaming room, you and your friends will be immersed in one of many landscapes. Team up, Maneuver around virtual walls, pick up powerups, and use your skill to outperform your competitors. If you’re in the Tukwila area or greater Seattle region and asked, “is there VR laser tag near me?” then come visit Dimension XR for your premiere Seattle VR experience.



909 Industry Dr



Friday: 3pm–9pm
Saturday: 12pm–10pm
Sunday: 2pm-8pm

Open to Parties at anytime!
Contact us at: info@dimensionxr.com
or by phone at (206) 210-3525



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