XR Gaming

XR Technology Ushers in a New Era of More Accessible Immersive Experiences for Everyone

Historically, to experience world-class entertainment (e.g., special rides, immersive museums) people needed to travel far or purchase expensive tickets to theme parks and other similar establishments. Large swaths of the global population have little hope of ever experiencing such things during their lifetimes due to the high cost and barriers of these establishments.

With XR technology, we can now bring immersive experiences to people without the need to build expensive props, mechanisms, and without the need for huge properties. We can build amazing experiences for VR that rival, if not exceed incumbent physical experiences and bring these experiences to large and small communities alike, both around the country and around the world.

The Digital Revolution massively lowered the cost of distributing pictures, documents, videos, and music by removing the requirement for physical media. It disrupted entire industries. The XR Revolution will do the same for spatial experiences. All you need are headsets and a simple space – indoors or outdoors.

In its fully realized state, I envision a location where people can gather, put on headsets, and transport themselves to an amazing world of wonder and amazement. People can play competitive games together, such as LimitlessVR titles and laser tag games, go on journeys together like riding through an adventurous ancient jungle or serenely sail down the waterways of Venice. Groups can come for educational experiences to interact with exhibits to learn of the wonders of science and technology, take a walk through history, or learn about the amazing world of musical instruments. The number of experiences may be vast, yet the physical footprint small. With no physical change needed, countless experiences can share the same area.

Dimension XR launched in June 2022 with this vision and goal in mind. The goal to make world-class entertainment and informational experiences more accessible and affordable to all communities through the power of virtual and augmented reality.