How to Plan a Great Birthday Party for Your 10-Year-Old Child

There are many ideas about how to begin planning a party for your 10-year-old. However, the most important aspect to start with is what your child enjoys. By this time, you have spent 10 years taking care of the needs and desires of your child so you are familiar with what those are. You are probably quite knowledgeable about the fact that, at this age, they can change every 5 seconds. The newest movie, TV show, or toy can influence what they like and don’t like. At 10 years old, friends have a big impact on their decisions as well. Knowing all this, narrowing down what to do and how to do it for your child’s birthday can seem like a daunting task. Never fear! There following are general items to remember when planning your child’s birthday:

  1. Talk to your child – ask them what they want to do. Be sure to leave yourself with plenty of time to prepare (weeks to months not days). Give them parameters to make sure they ask for something reasonable and within your budget.
  2. Book the venue – many places have online booking options which are convenient but if that is not available or you have any questions don’t be afraid to call. Most places require a deposit so be sure of the date and time that you want to schedule.
  3. Invite the guests – there are so many ways that you can do this. You can do the traditional method of card invitations, phone calls to parents, text messages, emails, or one of the preferred methods these days is online invitations. There are multiple options for online invitations.  If you choose to use them people can respond immediately with how many people will be attending, leave comments, ask questions, and if you want to have some sort of connected amazon wish list for your child you can do that with several of them as well.
  4. Gather the decorations – whether or not your child wants a themed party, it’s a good idea to have some fun decorations. These can include balloons, banners, special napkins, cups & plates, streamers, centerpieces, confetti (have fun cleaning that up), pretty much anything that will liven the place up.
  5. Order the food – some party venues will have food available for you or specific places that they order from. Find out before you order your food.
  6. The cake – make sure that the cake is on theme (if applicable) and is the flavor that your child likes the most. Plan on ordering the cake at least a week ahead, depending on where you order it from. Specialty bakeries may take longer to prepare them. Better to be early than late!
  7. Goodie bags – this is more of an optional thing. You can choose to make goodie bags for the children who attend that party, but it is by no means required. They are most likely still appreciated at this age. Though probably stick to candy more than toys.

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