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XR Technology Ushers in a New Era of More Accessible Immersive Experiences for Everyone

Historically, to experience world-class entertainment (e.g., special rides, immersive museums) people needed to travel far or purchase expensive tickets to theme parks and other similar establishments. Large swaths of the global population have little hope of ever experiencing such things during their lifetimes due to the high cost and...

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How to Plan Your Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event can be fun and exciting but also headache-inducing. With so many details to think through, what can you do to ensure that the event goes smoothly, and your team has a good time? This article provides some valuable tips to ensure a well-executed corporate event...

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How to Plan a Great Birthday Party for Your 10-Year-Old Child

There are many ideas about how to begin planning a party for your 10-year-old. However, the most important aspect to start with is what your child enjoys. By this time, you have spent 10 years taking care of the needs and desires of your child so you are familiar...

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3D Printing in Enterprise

Since 3D printing gained popularity and accessibility in the 00’s, many makers and brands have been turning to the use of 3D printing as a medium for rapid prototyping, design iterations, and even production to meet their needs.  Though the quality of print can vary greatly based on the...

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